“The Oasis” Royal Caribbean

A split construction slip ring installed on the carousels aboard the “Oasis” class Royal Caribbean Ships. The Slip ring is split construction and installed on the erected carousel.

Window Washing Scaffold

Split SR Installation is retrofitted onto high rise building window washing scaffold.  The slip ring is split construction allowing on-site installation by the customer.

Paper Manufacturing Machine

Turret is a split construction slip ring retrofitted to a large paper manufacturing machine.  The split construction allowed for slip ring to be installed without any disassembly to the machine.

Food Processing Equipment

Retrofit SR ip65 is a sealed slip ring used on food processing equipment.  The slip ring meets equipment hot water wash-down sanitation requirements.

Manufacturing Machine

Installed split slip ring is retrofitted to a continuous web machine used for manufacturing packaging materials. The slip ring fits within a one inch clearance between the turret and machine frame.

Pipe Manufacturing Machine

SR 06 Large Split slip ring is for manufacturing pipe used for oil and gas shipments.  The slip ring can be easily installed and removed for different size pipe diameters to be manufactured.

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