Through bore slip rings

Through bore or through slip rings are provided with a center hole to provide clearances for shafts, rotary joints, optics and other axial structures needed for the function of the rotating assembly.

Slip rings provided with a through bore are custom designed and manufactured to meet the available mechanical envelope within the equipment or proposed new design equipment. Mechanical features may include mounting flanges, shaft collars, bolt circles, ring gears or other features.

The number of conductor channels or conductor rings is limited by the radial space between the inside diameter and the outside diameter of the slip ring. Low RPM slip rings with lower power channel requirements can use miniature 1 mm pitch brush blocks allowing approximately 20 conductors per inch or 25.4 mm of available functioning ring band width. Mounting hole locations, terminal point connections and other mechanical features can affect the number of conductor rings. Higher RPM or high current load slip rings can typically provide up to 10 conductor channels per inch or 25.4 mm of available ring band width.

Self-contained through hole slip rings have an internal ball bearing system to provide permanent brush alignment and free rotation. Intrusion protection levels may be provided up to IP-67 with the specific IP rating dependent upon the mechanical design of the slip ring to meet adverse operating conditions.

Through bore slip rings are available as separate component slip ring with mating brush blocks assemblies as seen on other pages of this site as well as self-contained slip rings on this menu page

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Our products are made in the U.S.A. and our production lead times range from 4 – 10 weeks depending upon slip ring complexity and after design completion.

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