Retrofit slip rings

Slip rings for retrofitting to existing equipment are custom designed and manufactured to meet the exact form, fit and function needed.All of our slip rings for retrofit applications are the disk or pancake type requiring minimal axial length to accommodate the number of power and control signals as needed. Split construction type slip rings eliminate the need for disassembly of the machine as the slip ring installs in sections around the shaft in position. Cables or wires are provided at the length needed for direct connection to the terminal points on the fixed and rotation sides of the machine.

Retrofit slip rings can be provided to meet large or small bore diameters with many slip ring configurations requiring less than one inch (25.4 mm) of axial length. Self contained retrofit slip rings can be supplied with bore diameters up to 12 inches (300 mm) and provided with bolt circles and other mechanical features for the exact or best fit onto the equipment.

Slip rings with mating brush blocks can be provided with bore diameters up to 48 inches (1220 mm) with larger bore diameters possible depending on the overall design and manufacturing requirements. Slip ring conductor channels can be provided for low energy analog signals, data along with power at significant Amp ratings.

The retrofit slip rings are supplied with instructions for installation by a technician qualified to work on the equipment itself. Service to the slip ring after installation should not be needed unless physical or electrical overload damage occurs.

Retrofit uses to date include large printing presses, web process machines, paper and plastic product manufacturing, scientific equipment, amusement park rides along with other uses too numerous to mention. Typical order production lead time is between 5 – 9 weeks depending on the design and manufacturing requirements.

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Our products are made in the U.S.A. and our production lead times range from 4 – 10 weeks depending upon slip ring complexity and after design completion.

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