Complex Electrical Slip Rings

Electrical slip rings can combine a large number of data and power channels for rotating applications in research, satellite tracking, or other complex equipment. The complex electrical slip rings are within compact bearing enclosures having very low axial length.Electrical slip rings are specially designed to meet the exact electrical and mechanical parameters for each application. A typical electrical slip ring ranges in thickness from .9 to 1.4 inches (23 mm to 36 mm). Electrical slip rings utilize both I.D. and O.D. ball bearings allowing significant weight or thrust loads at low speed rotation. The enclosures are typically made of tool grade steel or aluminum, however composite materials may be used for low weight or non-conductive assembly requirements.

Connections to the electrical slip ring can be supplied using co-axial cable, ribbon cable, individual wire leads, connectors, or in various combinations specific to the conductor requirements. Mechanical features such as tapped mounting holes, index pins, bolt circle holes, etc., can be included in most designs. The bore size allows the electrical slip ring unit to be used on a through shaft or with other I.D. clearance requirements.

The slip rings utilize gold plated beryllium copper spring arms that do not leave a track of conductive particles or pieces of fine brush wires that can result in failures. Six or eight brush contact points for each electrical slip ring track are typically used to provide extremely low electrical noise and high reliability operation. The electrical slip ring tracks utilize gold plating over nickel to maintain extremely low contact resistance over the life of the slip ring unit.

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Our products are made in the U.S.A. and our production lead times range from 4 – 10 weeks depending upon slip ring complexity and after design completion.

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