Slip rings

The function of a slip ring is to make one or more continuous electrical connections from points in a stationary unit to points in a rotating section. Electrical connections on slip rings can be for both power and data signal connections.

Uses include rotating antennas, rotary couplings, cord reels and anywhere electrical current needs to be coupled to a rotating or reciprocating point. Applications for slip rings vary from commercial and consumer products along with specialized scientific and military uses.

Slip rings are supplied in a variety of sizes, number of tracks and current ratings and are custom made to meet the specific requirements of each application. Signal and power tracks are often combined on the same slip ring. The slip rings are the disk or “pancake” type typically ranging from two to 15 tracks and from one to 12 inches in diameter. The inside diameter or bore is sized for mounting on shafts or for other mechanical clearances.

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Our products are made in the U.S.A. and our production lead times range from 4 – 10 weeks depending upon slip ring complexity and after design completion.

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