Flush surface commutator slip rings

Since 1956, The Sibley Company has pioneered the creation and production of ultra high reliability Flush Surface Commutator Slip Rings. From SAFE/ARM and ARM/FIRE applications, aircraft cockpit instrumentation for navigation and switching to medical instruments and more… when high reliability is critical… Sibley parts perform!

Product Highlights:

  • Available flush on two sides with plated through interconnection
  • Consistent quality flush surface condition
  • Extra long life – designed for multi-million cycles of trouble-free operation
  • Excellent low torque characteristics
  • Additive flush process eliminates stress and problem of “pressure flush” commutators
  • Ultra tight machining & precision profiling dies available for close mechanical tolerances
  • Gold over nickel or silver plating for very low contact resistance and low friction minimizing brush drag
  • Available from small lot prototypes to high volume production quantities
  • Electrolytic or electroless Nickel base for extended wear – carefully controlled to prevent nodules, pits, pin holes and surface defects

When your application is SAFE/ARM critical, Sibley Flush Surface Commutator Slip Rings operate flawlessly for millions of cycles

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Our products are made in the U.S.A. and our production lead times range from 4 – 10 weeks depending upon slip ring complexity and after design completion.

Put our slip ring expertise to work for you! We are your slip ring specialists.